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What is Facial Organic Treatment?

Nurture your skin's natural radiance with our invigorating Organic Facial. Infused with the goodness of aromatherapy essential oil, face massage cream, and a blend of wholesome ingredients like virgin coconut oil, oat, honey, carrot, and orange sunkist, this treatment unveils your skin's true potential.

Indulge in a comprehensive experience that includes a warm welcome drink, expert consultation, and a soothing cool face towel. Elevate your journey with a refreshing foot wash, followed by the bliss of aromatherapy and Lip SPA. Our skilled therapists will provide a revitalizing face massage, followed by a meticulous organic facial treatment enriched with the healing properties of oxygen water. Enjoy a rejuvenating shoulder, neck, and head massage, perfectly concluding with a closing drink and snack.

Experience the magic of our organic facial, harnessing the power of nature's finest ingredients for a healthy, radiant complexion. Rest assured, our organic approach is safe for all, even children and expectant mothers, your skin's wellness is our priority.

What includes in a Facial Organic Treatment?

  • 1.5 Hours Facial Organic 365k