Smooth Keratin Treatment For Hair

Hair Care Treatment

What is Smooth Keratin Treatment?

Embrace a lavish hair transformation like never before with our opulent Smooth Keratin Treatment. Enter a realm of pure indulgence as we banish frizz, infuse your hair with a radiant shine, and bestow upon you locks that exude a sensationally silky, effortlessly manageable allure. Our team of expert therapists will lavish your tresses with a nourishing keratin elixir, ensuring it permeates deep within to reawaken its natural vitality. Say a triumphant farewell to those unruly strands and say hello to the breathtakingly sleek, glossy tresses you've long desired. This is your chance to uncover the enchanting secret to effortlessly beautiful hair, awaiting your discovery at Jaens Spa today!

What includes in a Smooth Keratin Treatment?

  • Short Smooth Keratin Treatment 1.800k
  • Medium Smooth Keratin Treatment 2.200k
  • Long Smooth Keratin Treatment 2.500k
  • Extra Long Smooth Keratin Treatment 2.800k