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What is Facial Calm and Refreshing Treatment?

Experience soothing rejuvenation with our indulgent Calm and Refreshing Facial. Crafted with care, this treatment is designed for sensitive skin, ensuring a tranquil and revitalizing experience without any redness.

Embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation, beginning with a warm welcome drink and expert consultation. Let the cool touch of a face towel soothe you as you delve into a serene oasis of calm and you'll enjoy the gentle touch of our experts during the treatment.

Each step of this treatment harnesses the power of Aromatherapy essential oil, face massage cream, and a range of nurturing products. Bask in the benefits of our unique blend of moisturizer, serum, and face mask, enhanced by the refreshing touch of oxygen water. The journey concludes with a revitalizing mineral water, closing drink, and a delightful snack. This is more than just a facial; it's a tranquil escape for sensitive skin. Witness instant, glowing results without the worry of redness, thanks to the calming touch of oxygen water infused throughout the treatment. Your journey to serenity and radiance begins here.

What includes in a Facial Calm and Refreshing Treatment?

  • 1.5 Hours Facial Calm and Refreshing 625k