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What is Premium Hair Mask Smooth Treatment By Olaplex?

Experience the Pinnacle of Hair Transformation: Premium Hair Mask Smooth Treatment by Olaplex. Immerse yourself in a journey that spans from 1 to 3 hours, where the symphony of smoothness comes to life. The voyage commences with a welcome drink, a prelude to an unparalleled experience that awaits. Our consultation session, delves into your hair's story, setting the stage for a personalized transformation.

Embrace the cool touch of a face towel as the cleansing ritual begins, clearing the canvas for a masterpiece of hair care. Enter the spotlight, Olaplex hair mask and serum, meticulously crafted to infuse your tresses with a luxurious smoothness that defies expectations. The harmony of Japan Ultrasonic technology interweaves with the mask's essence, fostering an internal metamorphosis within each hair strand. A gentle brush massage lends its magic, weaving the threads of rejuvenation and enchantment.

As the curtain draws close, a flawless blow dry unveils your hair's newfound splendor. The benefits are transformative: from within the hair cuticle, deep nourishment takes root, unveiling a symphony of moisture, shine, and the epitome of smoothness. This treatment is a testament to Olaplex's dedication to delivering hair that exudes a luxurious and touchable smoothness. Crafted to embrace varying hair lengths, from the chic allure of short hair to the opulent cascade of extra-long locks, the treatment's duration adapts. Every passing minute entwines your hair in a tale of rebirth and opulence, unfolding in a crescendo of elegance.

What includes in a Premium Hair Mask Smooth Treatment By Olaplex?

  • Premium Hair Care Treatment Short 735k
  • Premium Hair Care Treatment Medium 875k
  • Premium Hair Care Treatment Long 985k
  • Premium Hair Care Treatment Extra Long 1.295k