Holy Nourishing Spa Package

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What is Holy Nourishing Spa Package?

Embark on a comprehensive spa experience that will envelop you in relaxation and pampering from head to toe. Commence your journey with our renowned Traditional Balinese Massage, a 1.5-hour treatment that will transport you to a state of deep serenity. Feel the skilled hands of our therapists work their magic, easing away tension and leaving you in a state of pure relaxation. Continue your spa adventure with a revitalizing Mask treatment for 15 minutes, followed by a luxurious Milk Bath for 30 minutes. These rituals are designed to leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and positively glowing. Indulge in a 1-hour Foot Reflexology session that will restore balance and harmony to your entire body. Enhance your spa experience with a soothing Hair Wash and Blow Dry for 1 hour, leaving your locks silky smooth and lustrous. Savor the flavors of our spa with refreshing Closing Drink.

What includes in a Holy Nourishing Spa Package?

  • 4.15 Hours Holy Nourishing Spa Package 3.055k

Note: All The Package Price Are For 2 person/couple